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19th International Farm Management Congress – Poland

IFMA19 Congress, Warsaw
21st – 26th July 2013
Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW),

Congress Theme ‘Transforming agriculture – between policy, science and the consumer’

During and following the Congress Delegates were asked to complete an evaluation form of the congress.

67 out of a possible 169 delegates completed the 22 question evaluation = 40% of the total delegates attending.

Main Findings
The congress was highly rated with 85% of the group giving the congress an Excellent or Very Good Overall rating. Plenary Sessions and Contributed Papers were rated Excellent or Very Good by 71% and 67% respectively.  Field Trips received an exemplary high rating of 92% Excellent or Very Good. The pre and post congress tours were very much appreciated with ratings as Excellent or Very Good by 97% of the participants who completed the forms.

Please see the full report about the particular highlights – there were many both in the Plenary, Field Trip and general congress areas.

Once again there were a large number of congratulatory comments:
“Conference was a very rich, rewarding experience. Contact with interesting and knowledgeable participants. Well done!”
“The balance between field and papers is superb, as is conviviality, networking and learning. This organisation is a paradise for the polymath. Many Thanks”.
“Thank you for wonderfully organised and managed congress – we got good value for money”.
“Outstanding organisation from Edward and his great team of young people. Excellent to see the young people helping so much.”
“Overall, I believe the conference was a great success. It was easy for me to see how much work and effort went into the management of the congress activities by our Polish colleagues, and they certainly do deserve many congratulations for their efforts!”
“An excellent Congress. Will never forget the experience and knowledge gained”.
And many more similar comments.

All in all another good report but with some areas of improvement identified. Our thanks go once again to the organisers for a well organised and hugely interesting congress that often surprised the delegates by how well Poland has transitioned into an agricultural force to be reckoned with within the European Union.  A remarkable transformation.

IFMA19 Congress Delegate Evaluation Report