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AP - A Model For Entrepreneurship Training And Management Skills Development For Sustainable Economic Growth

This paper proposes a model for entrepreneurship training and management skills development that is aimed at providing the skills needed by new and existing entrepreneurs to construct, implement and manage a strategic business plan. The main stakeholders in the program include university students (all colleges), university faculty and administration, new and existing entrepreneurs, the finance community, community business organizations, other educational institutions and government organizations. The two key components of the entrepreneurship program are 1) teaching strategic and business management concepts, and 2) strategic and business management skills development. The second component is where the real entrepreneurial learning takes place by allowing the student/entrepreneur to employ the management concepts in a practical way. The approaches used include lectures, seminars and cases for the first component and business clinics, industry assessments, marketing research studies, business plans, feasibility studies, and internships and mentoring for the second component.

Key Words: entrepreneurship, education, training, management skills development.


Author(s): Painter M. (1)

Organization(s): University of Saskatchewan Saskatoon (1)

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