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PR - A Model To Evaluate The Feasibility Of GM And Non-GM Co-existence In Europe At Farm And Collection Firm Level For Maize.

GM and non-GM coexistence, as defined by the European commission, defines a product as non-GM if it contains less than 0.9% of GM material. To avoid the risk of mixing GM and non-GM, we made a model of supply chain management rules and strategies for crop collection planning for a small farming region. It simulates (i) the GM and non-GM proportions at the end of the supply chain and (ii) the transportation and processing costs. Three strategies were evaluated. One has no specific planning. Batches were taken as crops arrived at the silo. A second is on a spatial basis and allocates each silo to a single crop batch. A third is time based and allocates part of the collection time to one product. We show that the spatial strategy allows all the non GM production to be segregated, but at a high cost. On the contrary the time strategy leads to a lower cost but with lower segregation results.

Keywords: GM, supply chain management rules, maize.


Author(s): Coléno F. (1)

Organization(s): INRA Bâtiment EGER Site de Grignon Thiverval-Grignon (1)

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