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Adding Value To Milk Through The Production Of Cheese And Other Dairy Products On The Farm In The Netherlands

Making cheese on the farm has been a way of adding value to milk for many dairy farmers in the Netherlands through the centuries. It can be seen as a way of vertical enlargement of the farm. The author combines her cheese making and selling activities on the farm with her position as president of the Union of Farmhouse Dairy Processors in the Netherlands. In the paper the sector of farm made dairy products is analysed from both perspectives. Her conclusion is that there will be a good future for the production and selling of farm made dairy products. This will require: a. continuous efforts for guaranteeing product safety and product quality as conceived by consumers b. diversification of products c. open communication with the consumer on the basis of a clear message with craftsmanship and full and pure taste as strong points.
The Netherlands

Author(s): Booij-de Haan Mrs. B. (1)

Organization(s): Farmer and President of the Union of Farmhouse Dairy Processors (1)

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