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Agricultural Risk Management: Experiences From An Action Research Approach

A new model for risk management in agriculture is described in the paper. The risk model is constructed as a context dependent process, which includes four main phases. The model is aimed at agricultural advisors, who wish to facilitate and disseminate risk management to farmers. It is developed and tested by an action research approach in an attempt to make risk management more applicable on family farms. Our obtained experiences indicate that farmers don’t apply probabilistic thinking and other concepts according to formal decision theory. Keywords: Risk management, consulting, action research, farm families.

Author(s): Andersen H. (1), Larsen T.U. ( 1), Lund M. ( 1), Oksen A. ( 1)

Organization(s): Dept. of Economics and Law the Danish Advisory Service (1), Food and Resource Economics Institute the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University Copenhagn (2), Soro-Slagelse Advisory Centre and Arne Sneftrup Farm Families Advisory Service Skive (3)

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