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Analysis Of Farm Development In Dutch Agriculture And Horticulture

This paper analysis the effects of farmer characteristics, firm structure and firm performance on firm renewal and firm growth. The data set used in this research consists of panel data from the Dutch Farm Accountancy Data Network of firms specialized in plant production extended with a data from survey among those firms. Probit models were used to determine the likelihood of the changes. Results show that the degree of mechanization increases the probability of firm growth and firm renewal. Family labour input and solvency have a negative impact on firm growth. Firm size is positively correlated with firm renewal. No indications of the influence of the life cycle have been found.
The Netherlands

Author(s): Baltussen Willy H.M. (1), Bremmer Johan ( 1), Huirne Ruud B.M. ( 1), Olson Kent D. ( 1), Oude Lansink Alfons G.J.M. ( 1)

Organization(s): Agricultural Economics Research Institute (1), University of Minnesota Department of Applied Economics (2), Wageningen University Department of Social Sciences (3)

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