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CS - Analyzing Regional And Place Marketing Activities In Hungary Through The Example Of Specific Regions

1st 2 paragraphs of the Introduction: The competition between the regional areas has become stronger and stronger as a consequence of the transnational companies’ appearance. The competitiveness has gained a new meaning and can be interpreted on each fundamental unit of the economy: the ability of firms, industrial branches, settlements, regions, nations, regions above nations to establish a long-lasting relatively high level of earnings and rate of employment, while they are exposed to the international (global) competition. (Europe 2000)

While the economy of Europe is competing with America and Asia, there are more than 500 regions, and more than 100000 settlements that compete for the foreign investors the ventures that aspire to become inhabited and the high qualified workforce. The small difference between some areas characteristics and qualities can have deterministic importance in the settling down decisions of companies, therefore the long-lasting successes in the competition can be assured by these local factors that hardly change, and cannot be created on the spot for example: knowledge based, innovative industrial environment, the intellectual block of the inhabitants, unique, natural environment with plenty of resources. (Enyedi, 1997, 2000).


Author(s): Gergely A. (1), Szabó Z. ( 1), Széles Z. ( 1)

Organization(s): Szent István University (1)

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