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Challenges To Modernization Of Agricultural Food Production Using Improved Technologies

Agriculture remains the main stay of most economies in Africa. In Cameroon agriculture employs more than 75% of the active population and accounts for over 50% of the total export. Agriculture in Africa is being considered a culture. It is culture because over 75% - 80% of the population are farmers. They are rural farmers whose farm sizes are small. They used local farm tools and little purchased inputs. Agriculture is old and its activities have existed for thousands of years since mankind gave up hunting and gathering as its main source of food. Because of this long history the rural economy is often referred to a tradition bound. The Institute of Agricultural Research for Development (IRAD) in collaboration with (FOCPPROMEX LTD) Food Crop producer, processors and marketing experts in Cameroon conducts research in order to improve on farmer’s farming practices (production and cultural). This is meant to improve productivity and human resources management. Cassava originated in Central America where it is grown for export and local consumption and is used as the most important staple and commercial food crop in the South West Province of Cameroon. It is one crop that the challenges of modernization in production and processing into many products are visible. Cassava processing into Garri is usually differentiated by the method of processing. Tradition processing method involves the use of a hand grater, while in the improved (industrial) method machines are used at all stages of processing. Even in Cassava production Cameroon farmers still grow the local varieties whose yield are lower compared to the improved/modern and recommended varieties. (Continues ..........)

Author(s): Thomas Kendi Mayengu (1)

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