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PR - Changing Face Of U.S. Agriculture And The Implication For Risk Management Education

Extension education in the rural United States is changing as the demographics shifts by agricultural operators are better understood. RightRisk is one program offered across the United States attempting to address the evolving needs for risk management by today’s agricultural managers. Program offerings began with development of a risk simulation – Ag Survivor – but now include a ten-step process for strategic risk management with accompanying tools for implementation. Additional courses covering other dimensions of risk management have been developed, including: Insuring Success, Feasibility of Alternative Rural Enterprises, Taxes for Agricultural Enterprises, AGR-Lite, and a two-module course entitled A Lasting Legacy. Embracing new technologies through the use of personal response systems and web-based delivery continue to make RightRisk programming engaging for managers of rural farms and ranches. This flexibility and broad relevance of the fundamental concepts presented make these educational programs appealing for application in many areas, including outside the U.S.


Author(s): Hewlett J.P. (1), Sharp R.L. ( 1), Tranel J.E. ( 1)

Organization(s): Colarado State University (1), University of Wyoming (2)

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