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Comparing Wine Consuming Habits In Hypermarkets Of The Netherlands And Hungary

Consuming habits have very much changed in Hungary in the last decades after the transformation. To get everything at the same place got bigger importance. According to this influence big super and hypermarkets have been created and shopping centres came alive. These days it is very important to realise what the consumers want and to understand they motives. My objective was to get to know consumer habits and wine consuming habits in hypermarkets and to compare a West European hypermarket with one Central Eastern European country after the transformation in order to realise similarities and differences and if possible some conclusions to the future of these kind of distribution channels in CEE countries. The other important part of the research was to get information about people’s opinion about the hypermarket and to realise the more important influencing factors in their preference scale. These researches were made in the Netherlands at the A&P Hypermarket chain in 2000. During the questionnaire researches I asked 118-118 people and in Hungary at Cora Hypermarkets in 2002 where 170 people were questioned. In my opinion people gave a lot of very important information to the hypermarket chains with highlighting weak and strong points.

Author(s): Szabo Zoltan (1)

Organization(s): Szent István University Gödöll (1)

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