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Consumers Willingness To Pay To Avoid Transgenic Products

The debate on transgenic, which is embebed in asymmetrical information, has as a focal point, the risks and uncertainties to them associated. Many are the concerns and questions about the risks for the human health and the environment. Considering the interests of the productive sector in the transgenic technology, the matter sets itself in terms of how fast it wants to be settled taking into consideration the incapability of establishing certainties about the damages or benefits within the process. With the recent liberation by the Brazilian government for its production the sector starts showing segmentation. Therefore, this issue reflects in the market itself. The question is: are the consumers willing to buy transgenic? As an attempt to answer this question, this paper used a Contingent Valuation procedure, with an exploratory character, estimating consumer willingness to pay (WTP) to avoid de consumption of transgenic. This variable (WTP) was measured as a monetary estimate benefits. Keywords: Transgenic, Contingent Valuation, measure of Well-being.

Author(s): de Noronha J.F. (1), Noronha C.M.S. ( 1), Ribeiro F.L. ( 1)

Organization(s): Federal University of Goias (1)

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