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AP - Cow-alition, From Solo To Strategic Alliance Networks Have More Innovative Potential Than Individuals

In the Netherlands a network program is active. Groups of farmers are stimulated to work together with researchers to achieve certain goals. I will address in my contribution questions, like what is a network, how does a network emerge and how can a successful network be pointed out? As case I will discuss the network I am involved in. This is called “Cow-alition”, because we work together with other farmers to try to realise a “rich life” by combining labour, buildings, land and machines to operate efficiently and spread the risks. Such a coalition needs knowledge and tools in technical, economical and management fields, but most of all social skills. Questions that will be addressed are how to measure if persons can work together, how to manage such a type of coalition and what are the threats and opportunities?

Keywords: network, cooperation, social skills, economics.

The Netherlands

Author(s): Nauta W.E. (1)

Organization(s): Dairy Farmer (1)

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