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AP - Dairy Farmers’ Plans In Central Europe Under New EU Policies

After accession to EU, farmers in the new-member states need to adjust to the EU agricultural policies. A review is presented of county reports from the Central and Eastern European countries. As case study of small scale farming an analysis is made of plans and extension aspects of farm development in Slovenia. As tool a questionnaire was distributed to dairy farmers: 1114 have been returned anonymously, representing 10 % of the dairy farmers’ population. Strategies and their interest in technical knowledge are analysed in relation to base parameters, like age of farmer, size of farm, less favoured area or not, etc. Results show a significant demand for info about EU premium programs, a considerable activity in farm planning of which 64% of farmers opt for specialisation and 54 % also for forms of diversification. Opportunities for special regional products will be discussed. A comparison of results can be made with some data in The Netherlands.

Key words: dairy farming, planning, choices, specialisation, diversification.

The Netherlands

Author(s): Klopcic M. (1), Kuipers A. ( 1)

Organization(s): Expertisecentre for Farm Management and Knowledge Transfer Wageningen University and Research Centre (1)

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