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Degradation Of The Environment Under Draught Farming In The Savana Region Of Togo

We have conducted a survey in 54 farms in the Savana region of Togo, a semi-arid zone with an annual rainfall between 900 and 1100 mm and where are 87 % of the country's draught animals. This study has brought to the fore that non mastery in the selection of farm tools and farming technology such as tillage, bush burning, trees cutting, lack of fertilizer, etc lead to erosion, plough pan, low crop yield, desertification and deforestation. In order to face these serious problems of environment degradation some appropriate solutions concerning soil and water conservation are suggested for sustainable agriculture in the region.

Author(s): AZOUMA Yaovi Ouézou (1)

Organization(s): Université du Bénin Ecole supérieure d'agronomie Département de génie rural et machinisme agricole Lomé (1)

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