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PR - Demand For Multi-peril Crop Insurance: What Role Should Public Policy Play?

By means of a survey among arable farmers the interest for multi-peril crop insurance was studied and the role public policy should play according to farmers was elicited. While the majority of the respondents were in favour of a public-private insurance scheme, a substantial part of the respondents regarded these types of risks as a business risk which should be borne by the farmers themselves or considered the risks as not threatening for the continuity of their farm. Government participation was found to be desirable, particularly in the form of enabling re-insurance. Farmers also feel that there should be more harmonisation between the various schemes in Europe and the extent of government support.

Keywords: risk, management, arable farms, policy, insurance.

The Netherlands

Author(s): Van Asseldonk M.A.P.M. (1), Van der Meer R.W. ( 1), Van der Meulen H.A.B. ( 1)

Organization(s): Institute for Risk Management in Agriculture Wageningen University and Research Centre (1), Wageningen University and Research Centre (2)

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