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Development Of A Farm Management Tool For The Brazilian Conditions

This paper presents results of a managerial information system prototype developed for modern agriculturalists in the Brazilian Cerrado´s Region. It follows a case study approach. One medium scale (422 hectares) of operation was envisioned, archetypical accounting framework was established, aiming to provide better data and information to support farm management decisions. The system has proved to be useful in examining decision making at farm level and in ex ante evaluations of changes in farm-level input use, output and profitability in response to price, policy, and/or technology changes. Data entry was done in ACCESS for user friendliness and global availability; presentational materials were prepared in ACCESS and in EXCEL.

Author(s): Chaib Filho H. (1), Fernandes Cunha M. F. B. ( 1), Lobo Y. M. P. ( 1), Madeira Neto J. S. ( 1), Silva F. A. B. ( 1), Veloso R. F ( 1)

Organization(s): EMBRAPA Planaltina – DF (1)

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