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PR - Diffusion Of Usage Of Knowledge Technology In An Agricultural Extension Service Organisation

This paper presents the results of a survey conducted in the Extension Service of the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (IES). The organization has extensive internal knowledge of its organizational processes, and is characterized by information-intensive, knowledge-intensive processes. IS implementation, as part of the innovative culture of the organization, has long been an area of interest for both researchers and practitioners, with much emphasis on identifying the factors that lead to more and to less successful outcomes. Though it is easy to appreciate the important role culture plays in making an innovation successful, it is very difficult to change culture. Diffusion of usage of knowledge technology in agricultural extension service organizations is important because organizational culture is an important determinant of sustained innovation. In this paper, we examined two elements of organizational innovative culture in the IES. We believe that assimilating these elements of organizational culture will enable organizations to support and sustain innovative activities.

Keywords : Agricultural-extension-service-organizations, organizational processes, KM initiatives, organizational innovative culture, diffusion of usage of knowledge technologies


Author(s): Gal B. (1), Gal Y. ( 1)

Organization(s): Hai Academic College (1), Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Extension Service (2)

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