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Efficient Investment In Saskatchewan Farmland

Over the last ten years, as Canadian baby-boomers have reached the 40 to 55 age category, there has been an ever increasing focus on personal financial planning. People have started to think more about retirement and their investment portfolios. The level of interest in and knowledge about investing has grown significantly. Another phenomenon is that investors have overwhelmingly chosen mutual funds as the desired investment vehicle to achieve their financial goals. The financial industry has responded by creating a vast array of mutual funds to choose from, making it very easy for the average Canadian investor to hold a globally diversified investment portfolio. Canadians are no longer investing only in domestic debt and equity markets, but rather, are very interested in taking advantage of investment opportunities around the world, especially in light of the relatively poor financial performance of Canadian equity markets in the last ten years. Could Saskatchewan farmland ownership provide improved financial performance? And, is there an efficient way for Canadians to invest in farmland, given farmland’s marketing problems such as illiquidity, poor marketability, and lumpiness of asset size?

Author(s): Painter Marvin J. (1)

Organization(s): College of Commerce University of Saskatchewan Saskatoon (1)

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