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CS - Excellence Model, A Tool For Sustainable Livelihoods, Development And Entrepreneurship

It has become increasingly important for Africa to play a major role to combat world food shortage as the world population continues to increases; this goes also for the ability of the continent to provide alternative energy sources. The challenge will be how food security and energy requirements will be harnessed in a sustainable and economic way. The Creating sustainable farming business is the key to attain sustainable development in Africa and around the world. To promote sustainable farming businesses and entrepreneurs with the potential to combat food shortages, are encouraged, hence the introduction of the Excellence Model. The Excellence Model provides potential benefits for businesses to enhance business skills, service delivery and performance excellence. The Excellence Model identifies business strengths and areas for improvement based upon well established internationally accepted theoretical frameworks and recognised criteria for performance excellence.

South Africa

Author(s): Mokhatla P.Z. (1), Nell W. T. ( 1)

Organization(s): Centre of Agricultural Management University of the Free State (1), Centre of Excellence (2)

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