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Exploring Visitors’ Profiles Of Pick-Your-Own Farms In Japan

This paper examined a recent trend of rural orientation in Japan from a perspective of diversification of rural economy. Firstly, recent trend of rising number of entrants to farming understood as a part of growing interest for rural life-style. Secondly, characteristics of visitors to pick-your-own farms were examined by statistical tests. Characteristics of up-market and niche market are revealed, which was roughly identical with the findings in the European countries such as those who have higher academic background, higher orientation for outdoor recreation, and are severe on quality of services and goods they receive. Thus, it is necessary to provide authentic quality of the service and goods on the one hand and preserve the rural environment on the other. Therefore farm policy integrating farming and rural policy measures will be necessary further.


Author(s): Ohe Yasuo (1)

Organization(s): Department of Agricultural Economics Faculty of Horticulture Chiba University Matsudo Chiba (1)

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