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PR - Farm Level Modeling Of Bio-fuel And Bio-power Policy Scenarios For Polish Agriculture

The aim of the paper is to examine the impacts of introducing policies fostering the use agricultural raw materials for energy production. Basing on results of the partial equilibrium model Agmemod an LP farm optimization model was run for 252 farm types representing the variety of Polish farms and approximately 90% of the agricultural sector in Poland. Results from farm level modelling were aggregated to the country scale. The models for different policy scenarios show that farming sector would respond to a growing demand with increased area of bio-mass crops.

Keywords: biomass, bio-fuel, bio-power, farm optimization model, policy scenarios


Author(s): Hamulczuk M. (1), Majewski E. ( 1), Was A. ( 1)

Organization(s): SGGW - Warsaw University of Life Sciences (1)

ISBN Number: