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Farm Specific Control Of The Introduction And Spread Of Salmonella At Finishing Pig Farms

In The Netherlands, a system to control the prevalence of Salmonella in the pork supply chain is under development by the Product Boards of Livestock, Meat and Eggs. Therefore, the Animal Sciences Group-Applied Research has developed a tool to support pig-finishing farms to control Salmonella. This tool contains eight checklists. The checklists are based on the principles of the HACCP methodology. Important hazards and control measures were determined. Each checklist deals with a part of the farm procedures; supply of water, piglets, pelleted feed, cereals, roughage, liquid co-products and hygiene and daily management. By means of the developed tool, farm specific control measures to reduce the introduction and spread of Salmonella can easily be identified by the farmer. The effectiveness and practical feasibility of the checklists are determined by implementing advised measures during eight months at three finishing farms. These farms had a high Salmonella prevalence in august 2001. The finishing pigs were tested bacteriologically and serologically every three months. At the end of the testing period, the farmers completed an evaluation form to get insight in the farmers’ opinion of the checklists. The farmers indicated the checklists are user-friendly, complete and recommendable to other pig farmers. The measures that were advised after completing the checklists were mostly general in nature. At one farm the percentage of positive samples decreased. The other two farms had only a few positive samples during the entire research period. To maximise the benefit of the checklists, the checklists should be completed along with a farm adviser or veterinarian.
The Netherlands

Author(s): Enting J. (1), Mul M.F. ( 1), van der Gaag M.A. ( 1)

Organization(s): Animal Sciences Group-Applied Research Lelystad (1)

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