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Farmer Entrepreneurship In New Zealand - Some Observations And Case Studies

1984 was a watershed in New Zealand agriculture which led to a flowering of entrepreneurial activity by some New Zealand farmers. A change of government and a national economic crisis lead to a complete and drastic review and subsequent restructuring of the agricultural sector. Farmers were forced to recognize that they could no longer rely on government support but had to meet the market. This paper reflects on research carried out at Lincoln University that has focused on case histories of some successful farmer entrepreneurs who grew out of this era. It attempts to link the case studies involved to concepts enunciated in the academic literature, especially those of performance and opportunity gaps, strategic intent, marketing strategies and supply chain dimensions in the creation of value. Keywords: Farmer entrepreneurship, case studies, strategic intent, marketing strategies, supply chain architectures, chain coordination.
New Zealand

Author(s): Gow N.G. (1)

Organization(s): Lincoln University Christchurch (1)

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