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Farming On The Edge Sharpens Management Focus

C & E Henderson is a family business owned and managed by Chris and Evelyn Henderson. We made the decision 3 years ago to move away from the farm and live in Perth. Our farming properties are located in the Varley/Lake King area, 420 kilometres South-East of Perth. The total area farmed is 17,200ha of which 5,200ha is leased. The main property is 13,500 ha while the second property is 3,700 ha. The main property has a staff of 4 permanents including the manager, mechanic, and 2 general farm operators. The second property has a working manager only as the permanent staff. While the 2 properties are managed separately and have their own plant compliment, resources flow between the 2 operations when required. Seasonal staff are employed for the critical periods of seeding and harvest.

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