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Getting Access Into The EU Market: A Coordination Challenge For The Brazilian Beef Chain

Brazil is the world beef export leader since 2004, when the Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) crisis in the United States and the severe draught in Australia dropped those countries beef exports and gave Brazilian beef chain a unique opportunity to enter in new markets. Brazil is facing now a major challenge in terms of aggregating value, since its export volume is already stabilizing. The European Union (EU) represents the most demanding market in terms of quality and one in which Brazil can get a better remuneration for its products, as long as the country beef chain can develop new relationship strategies to provide such a specific product. This study aims to present some trends in the European market as well as to discuss them as opportunities for the Brazilian beef chain, especially in terms of coordination forms, following New Institutional Economy principles. It shows that new forms of relationship within the network are emerging (like alliances and associations) and that new strategies should be focused on the consumer desires.

Keywords: beef chain, Brazil, relationship strategies, coordination forms.

The Netherlands

Author(s): e Miranda S.H.G. (1), Soares M.R. ( 1), Zuurbier P.J.P. ( 1)

Organization(s): and CEPEA (Center for Advanced Studies on Applied Economics) (1), Inalca Gruppo Cremonini (2), Wageningen University and Research Center (3)

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