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Health Planner Pigs As An Instrument For Monitoring And Evaluation Of Animal Health Care On Pig Farms

In order to support animal health care on pig farms a Health Planner Pigs has been developed. In 1998 the practical value of the system was tested under field condition on pig farms. The Health Planner proved to be a valuable instrument for monitoring and evaluating animal health on pig farms. Due to the promising results of the field experiment, the Dutch Farmers Organisation (LTO-Nederland) in 1999 adopted the system and coordinates its adaptation and introduction into practice. In 2001, veterinarians and farm advisers has been educated in using the Health Planner. Some parts of the Health Planner will be automised and linked to existing farm management information systems. In 2002, farmers will be educated in the use of it.
The Netherlands

Author(s): Bokma-Bakker M.H. (1), van Buiten A. ( 1)

Organization(s): Research Institute for Animal Husbandry Lelystad (1)

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