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Pl. Speech - Importance Of Developing Agricultural Technology In A New Era

In this new period of time, the fundamental way for agricultural development is the advance of technology and the improvement of the farmers’ quality. Developing modern agriculture ultimately relies on new type of farmers who are educated, technology-equipped and good at business management. However, currently the agricultural technology level is still very low in China and the quality of farmers is not high either. A lot of agricultural technology achievements have not been introduced to the rural areas. The “last mile” problem in technology extension is rather significant and there is a gap between agricultural technology and the farmers. Among the factors that hinder the access of technology to rural areas, issues like the existing inflexible agricultural technology extension system causing disconnection between agricultural research, education, extension and production, the single national extension system obsolete for the development of agricultural economy, the low scientific and educational quality of the farmers, weak subjective role of application and extension of new technology have received wide attention and are pressing for solutions. Solving these problems, building a fast and effective agricultural technology transfer channel and expediting the application and extension of agricultural technology achievements is one of the major tasks in new rural areas development.


Author(s): Zheng Xueli (1)

Organization(s): Science and Education Department of the Chinese Agricultural Administration Department Beijing (1)

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