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PR - Improving Policy Coherence Between Agricultural And Development Policies

There is now a strong political commitment to policy coherence for development (PCD) in many OECD countries. Agriculture is at the heart of much of the debate about possible incoherence between trade and development policy. This paper reviews the evidence on the impact which OECD country agricultural policies have on developing countries. Policies to promote coherence between agricultural policy reform in OECD countries and food security and agricultural development objectives in developing countries must take account of the need not only for improvements in market access opportunities for developing countries, but also their responsibility to integrate trade objectives as a central component of their national development strategies, as well as increased and effective international financial and technical assistance for developing production and trade capacities.

Keywords: Agricultural policy, trade, developing countries, policy coherence.


Author(s): Matthews A. (1)

Organization(s): Trinity College Dublin (1)

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