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Influencing Leaders

The Institute of Agricultural Management Leadership course first ran in 2002. The two objectives were to improve the leadership qualities of existing leaders, and to give time to consider how a clear forward vision of the industry could be achieved. The conclusions about leadership are that: 1. Leaders make things happen through other people. 2. Leaders must aggressively manage their time. 3. Leaders must have good communication skills. 4. What leaders do is more important than who they are. 5. Leaders need people to know that what they do is what they say. The opportunities for the development of leadership in young people is reviewed and it is concluded that: 1. Young farmers Clubs should be used as a means of promoting agriculture to young people. 2. Young people should be mentored by experienced leaders. 3. The results contained in the Nuffield reports should be circulated more widely. 4. Leadership courses should be more widely promoted so that all young people can take advantage of them.

Author(s): Alliston Prof. John (1)

Organization(s): Royal Agricultural College Cirencester (1)

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