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PR - Integral Household Management For Food Security And Sustainable Livelihoods In Uganda

Integral Farm-Household management involves learning and adopting appropriate resourceusing techniques both on farmland and in the associated households. Significantly, as elsewhere among longstanding rural communities, in rural Africa there is no separation between home and work; both environments merge. Typically, policy-makers seek ‘single issue’, easily measurable solutions to rural development challenges. Field realities are more complex involving many interrelated factors if both food security and sustainable livelihoods are to be achieved. This paper reports one such training and implementation case study from Uganda where integral management (blending all relevant resources to deliver sustainablity) is being attempted. The CADeP (Congregational Agricultural Development Programme) began in 2005 and extended at the time of this research in 2008 to 31 farms situated in central, eastern, south-western, western and north-western Uganda.


Author(s): Kyamuwendo E. (1), Wibberley J. ( 1)

Organization(s): Kulika Trust (1), Royal Agricultural College & RURCON Africa (2)

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