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PR - Integral Management: Livestock, Landscapes and Livelihoods In The South West English Uplands

This paper reviews the economic plight of hill farming with particular reference to the uplands of SW England. This is only mitigated by the fact that hill farmers typically do not over-borrow according to this research – perhaps constrained by the harshness and recognised unpredictability of their environment. The history and consequences of policy are outlined drawing attention to the crucial part played by proper support for the delivery of the diverse ‘public goods’ derived from such landscapes. The paper proposes integral management to achieve multiple objectives delivering ‘public goods’ through ensuring the viability of grazing livestock and of hill farming populations whose livelihoods and communities are under threat.


Author(s): Turner M. (1), Wibberley J. ( 1)

Organization(s): Royal Agricultural College (1), University of Exeter (2)

ISBN Number: