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Leadership In A Changing Agriculture In UK

The recent reform of the Common Agricultural Policy in Europe has had significant implications for Leadership in the UK. The move from economic support for food production, to support for environmental deliveries has created the need for a new culture where leaders are very conscious that alliances leading to added political strength and financial viability are now likely to be far more effective than charismatic leadership from the front and top of organizations. The paper will go on to develop the theme of leadership strategy by drawing on many of the writings of the leadership academics and gather experts opinions and ideas regarding farmer’s culture and its implications for leadership. The paper concludes that the problem for the agricultural industry at the moment is that so many changes are occurring that a consistent future is very hard to define. Therefore, agricultural leaders now have to articulate the new policies as they evolve on an almost daily basis. The need is for clear and informed leaders who engage widely across society.

Keywords: Leadership, UK Agriculture, Leader’s characteristics.


Author(s): Alliston J. C. (1), Gonzalez-Diaz F. ( 1)

Organization(s): Royal Agricultural College Cirencester Glos (1)

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