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Leadership Values and Sustainable Trading Management For Food Security, Biodiversity and Equity

There is general agreement that sustainable management is needed to regulate social behaviour for civil society and environmental management for such global issues as climate change and the oceans. Uniquely, markets are assumed by current World Trade Organisation philosophy and policy – ‘non-discrimination against imports’ - to be virtually exempted from human responsibility to manage them, as if they alone are capable of sustainable self-determination. The argument of this Paper is that Agrarian Advocacy is needed internationally to link farmer conservation within sustainable farm livelihoods, natural resource conservation management, national food security and land heritage connections in each place. Currently unmanaged trading threatens these vital connections. Creatively co-ordinated management making connections is advocated, including an international 'Highway Code' for trading.

Author(s): Wibberley J. (1)

Organization(s): Visiting - Royal Agricultural College Cirencester University of Guelph International & Rural Development at the University of Reading RURCON UK Farm Crisis Network UK Royal Agricultural Socie (1)

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