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NPR - “A Lasting Legacy”: Leave A Legacy In Agriculture (p85-91)

Legacy is frequently used to describe the financial assets and personal possessions that people leave their heirs when they die. But all human beings also have values, life lessons, beliefs, memories, relationships, accomplishments and other nonmaterial things that could be handed down to future generations. Due to the increasing demands for assistance with succession planning, the authors developed a 2-course educational program to aid in their efforts to help farm families.
A Lasting Legacy provides one approach to end-of-life planning and suggests a road map for embracing the meaning of one’s life. The process helps families go through a safe, hands-on approach to pass on a true legacy to younger generations. A Lasting Legacy captures all facets of an individual’s life: improving intergenerational relationships; 2) sharing values and life lessons; 3) passing on personal possessions of emotional value; preparing for end of life events; and distributing financial assets and real estate. A Lasting Legacy has been successfully used by farm and non-farm families to better deal with the end of one’s life.

Keywords: Legacy, Succession Planning, Farm Families


Author(s): Hewlett J.P. (1), Sharp R.L. ( 1), Tranel J.E. ( 1)

Organization(s): Colorado State University (1), University of Wyoming (2)

ISBN Number: