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NPR - Agribusiness Excellence Model; Performance Measurement And Stakeholder Linkage Tool (p105-111)

The Agribusiness Excellence Model is a performance measurement tool used in the self-assessment of emerging agribusiness to improve business excellence and performance. The South African government, through land reform and support structures such as the Comprehensive Agricultural Support Programme (CASP) seeks to create sustainable and successful agribusiness. The SAEM model exists to bridge the gap between settlement on farms and the creation of competitive business in the ever changing global business environment. The model requires involvement of the stakeholders as part of the implementation process to implement the formulated action plans. The purpose of the paper is to measure, through a case study, the value of the model as performance measurement and a sustainable development tool in assisting the successful establishment of new farmers. It also ascertains how stakeholders become involved and their importance in ensuring that a farm becomes an agribusiness. The implementation of the Excellence Model may assist with implementation of agribusiness and stakeholder analysis because objectives are clearly defined and stakeholders understand their roles and responsibilities when implementing the Excellence Model.

Keywords: Agribusiness Excellence Model, Performance measurement tool, Land Reform, stakeholders, stakeholder analysis

South Africa

Author(s): Mokhatla P.Z. (1), Nell W. T. ( 1)

Organization(s): University of the Free State (1)

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