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NPR - Dairy Advantage: Growing North Carolina’s Dairy Industry Through Improved Farm Management Practices (p118-123)

This paper describes a dairy development program created by members of the North Carolina dairy industry to slow or reverse the downward trend in the state’s milk production. Under leadership provided by several organizations, a strategic plan was developed for the industry that included: an assessment of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats; goal setting; an assessment of resources; and an action plan. The action plan called for the acquisition of additional resources, improved coordination in developing and delivering programs for dairy producers and their families, and the development of two new programs that integrate farm production management and farm business management. Great progress has been made in implementing this action plan. A Dairy Farm Assessment Program provides dairy producers an opportunity to clarify their family and business goals, and have their farm resources, farm production performance, and farm financial performance and health reviewed by a two-person team. Guidance is provided on future directions and priorities. A Profit Team Program builds on the farm assessment and creates a team of advisors to assist the dairy producer and family to achieve their goals. Results to date have been largely intangible but the program leadership firmly believes the foundation has been laid that has an increased probability of successfully achieving the stated goals.

Keywords: Dairy industry development, farm business management, profit teams.


Author(s): Benson G.A. (1)

Organization(s): North Carolina State University (1)

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