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Climate change, and its associated climate variability, has significant impacts on the wine industry and these changes will increasingly be felt along the whole chain of companies that produce, handle, process and market wine. There has been very little work in understanding how wine consumers perceive both the climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts of these companies. This study was conducted to explore Australian wine consumer perceptions towards climate change adaptation and the impacts of climate change on the growing, making and marketing of wine. Data were collected through four focus groups discussions, with a total of of 30 Australian wine consumers. This paper reports the preliminary results of data analysis. Findings revealed that participants are concerned for the production and quality of Australian wines, but their purchase decisions and drinking habits are still guided predominantly by non- environmental factors. They would, however, like to make informed decisions on wine purchase and consumption considering climate, which suggests wine businesses could benefit from educating consumers, and communicating specific climate adaptation information to consumers in a timely manner.

Keywords: Climate adaptation, climate change, consumer perceptions, wine industry, value chain


Author(s): Ariyawardana A. (2), Crawford J. ( 1), Lewis G. ( 1), Lim-Camacho L. ( 3)

Organization(s): Tasmanian School of Business and Economics (1), The University of Queensland (2), Agriculture and Global Change (3), CSIRO Agriculture and Food (4)

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