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Fermentas is a newly formalised industry cluster, tasked by Food Innovation Australia Ltd to drive industry growth by applying a smart specialisation focus to the skilled production of high- quality fermented food, drink and other products. The Fermentas concept is a world first in terms of exploring the potential of fermentation as a value-add to a region. Fermentas has been established to provide an inspirational physical and intellectual environment to facilitate the development and growth of globally- recognised and world-class businesses. Tasmania’s unique offerings, collaborative entrepreneurs, world-class primary produce, environmental assets and ‘islandness’ provide a unique moment in which to develop a focussed ‘triple helix’ partnership between industry, university and government – adding value through the targeted pooling of resources. By explicitly supporting and promoting collaboration between fermenting enterprises, allied industries, trainers, educators, researchers and government agencies – regionally, nationally and internationally – Fermentas is championing increased innovation, productivity and competitiveness: not by producing more, but by producing differently.

Keywords: fermentation, smart specialisation, regional development


Author(s): Dawson P. (1), Lewis T. ( 1), Seagram K. ( 1)

Organization(s): Fermentation Tasmania Ltd (1)

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