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NPR - Providing Qualification Offers In The Field Of Entrepreneurial Skills And Knowledge In Agriculture (p64-76)

The European agricultural sector is exposed to a variety of social, technologic, economic and political changes with high dynamic and significant impact on farmersĀ“ business concepts. Managing change requires hard and soft entrepreneurial skills. Not surprisingly qualification measures meet an interested demand side. And there is a vivid supply side with qualified offers and topical concepts. Qualification measures have to be designed following the target groupsĀ“ expectations regarding topics, methods and outcome. The organizational framework must obey the specific preconditions of the branch. Research and development in the field of qualification is not an exact quantitative science. Hence results are to be discussed taking into account the framework and the selection of the sample to be interviewed resp. analyzed. However results from the participating observation research, that is underlying the presented case studies are relevant to quite a degree and have impact for the design, pr and marketing effort of the qualification providers. Three examples show basic mechanisms leading to successful offers with significant benefits for participants. The market says: Qualification measures have to be time- and cost-effective, state of the art regarding topics and methods and providing applicability and direct benefits. The farmers see a growing importance of soft skills for successful entrepreneurship. Finally there are responsibilities and also options for providers on the supply side to generate awareness, interest, decision and action of entrepreneurial minded farmers to participate in high quality offers. The paper comprises the essence of nearly 10 years practical work in the field of qualification and in directly related research and development measures. SWOT-analysis, field research and conceptual work have been important activities to contribute to qualitative and accepted offers to a market of growing importance.


Author(s): Langosch R. (1)

Organization(s): University of Applied Science Neubrandenburg (1)

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