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NPR - The Adoption Of The Leader Approach Across Europe Encouraging Entrepreneurship And Innovation (p344-348)

In our previous paper ‘Investing in the future of Rural Areas’ presented at International Farm Managers Association (IFMA) 17 Congress in Bloomington, Illinois the overall background to the LEADER European wide bottom-up rural investment programme was outlined.
The purpose of this paper is to encourage the adoption of the LEADER Approach to promote successful rural development. The paper will explore how the success of the programme when adopted at local level. It will also examine the strategies adopted to enable the rural development programme to impact on employment and community development. The paper will propose as a conclusion that the LEADER Approach when adopted in a strategic manner can impact positively on the vibrancy of rural areas and that the LEADER Approach is successful beyond that of any other policy instrument introduced for encouraging rural development

Key Words: Innovation, Rural Development, Bottom-Up, Linkage, LEADER


Author(s): Harty J.J. (1), Howard R. ( 1)

Organization(s): Ltd. (1)

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