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NPR - The Effectiveness Of Autosteer Systems In Cereal Sowing (p198-210)

The accuracy and consistency of sowing using tractors with autosteer or manual steering was compared by measuring the distance between tramlines in winter sown cereals in the East of Scotland. Autosteer systems were significantly more accurate and consistent than manual systems. Overlaps produced by manual systems resulted in extra variable costs (£7.44-19.92 per ha) and machinery costs (£1.70-£4.55 per ha). Depending on the level of savings and total area sown, the capital costs could be recouped in 2-6 years while reducing operator fatigue.

Keywords: autosteer precision farming cereal sowing tramlines


Author(s): Downie I. (1), Edwards I.E. ( 1), Stuchbury T. ( 1)

Organization(s): University of Aberdeen (1)

ISBN Number: