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Organic Farming: Lessons For New Players

This article presents some of the best findings of a research done by the author with the intent to characterize some market opportunities for producers of organic agriculture production (OAPs) and the management techniques necessaries to take competitive advantage of those market opportunities. In doing so, initially is characterized what historically is comprehended as organic agriculture; after that is identified a lot of market opportunities, mainly in the developed countries. Next step, it is presented a lot of ways of getting access at those markets with various focus and approaches demanded by those distinct markets. After that, a lot of managerial tools are identified with the intention of orienting the OAPs producers in choosing and ameliorating their businesses management, mainly their commercial activities in those distinct markets. Finally are presented three generic systems for sustainable management which will be able to adequate the business practices of the OAPs producers to the growing demands of the target markets, as with the society in general. Keywords: Organic agriculture products (OAPs); markets for OAPs; environmental management system for OAPs producers.

Author(s): Coltro A. (1)

Organization(s): College of Agriculture University of Sao Paulo Piracicaba (1)

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