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PL1_Pr - Corporate Farm Management In Central Europe (7mb)

The presentation aims to take a short overview through Central European farming over the last 20 years, based on examples of Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia & Romania. It involves recent land ownership and operational farming transformation. Then, it refers to the management issues and an aspect of operational farming in response to changes of market requirements.
The separate subject to be highlighted is the consistent and complex management development program as a key factor for growth. Below are the main areas to be covered by the presentation.
1. Land ownership and corporate farming structure in Central European countries in the late 80s:
• direct state ownership,
• coperatives,
• private entities.
2. Transformation through privatization:
• from centralized and state controlled system through private ownership in operational
farming as well as land ownership,
• land consolidation process.
• farms and management,
• initial capital requirements,
• management challenges.
3. EU accession:
• new market opportunities,
• consolidation of food processing markets.
4. Corporate farming – the management approach:
• product management vs. traditional farm management,
• matrix structure and information exchange,
• internal synergies.
5. Food industry requirements & demands.
6. Management development & training.
The greatest challenge for the management in the transformation and development period, is the long term view ensuring security of land either through the long term leases or a freehold and the human development, simultaneously addressing industry and technology changes.

Keywords: farm management, Central Europe
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