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PL3_Paper - Biologization As An Opportunity For A Sustainable Development Of Agriculture

The unprecedented economic growth has improved the living standards of many people, but at the same time contributed to the degradation of the natural environment of our planet. This article contains a review of scientific research on the current state of the ecosystems, conclusions following the scientific assessment, including those related to land degradation, transposition of research into political decisions at the global, European and Polish levels and a proposal to introduce biologization to ensure a sustainable development of agriculture. In support of the introduction of the idea of biologization, its tools such as probiotechnology are presented and the authors refer to the need of changing the current dominant paradigm of treating only the symptoms and accepting the paradigm of tackling the underlying causes. It gives examples of probiotechnology applications in the revitalization of agroecosystems and its beneficial effects on the fertile power of the soil.


Author(s): Gacka S. (1), Izdebski R. ( 1), Kolbusz S. ( 1)

Organization(s): EkoysteEM Association (1)

ISBN Number: