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PR - A Simulation Model To Evaluate The Effect Of Cooperation Between Grain Merchants In Managing Gm And Non-GM Segregation For Maize In Europe (p60-67)

GM and non-GM coexistence, as defined by the European commission, defines a product as non-GM if it contains less than 0.9% of GM material. A good solution to avoid the risk of mixing GM and non-GM in the landscape and during collection process is to define homogeneous production zone for GM and non GM. To allow such zone to be defined cooperation between grain merchants is needed. In this paper we want to evaluate if such cooperation have an interest for grain collection management. To do so we used a simulation model of the collection process. The simulation shows that such cooperation between companies allows them to collect more non GM product than the situation where they operate separately.

Keywords: GM and non GM coexistence, cooperation, simulation model


Author(s): Coleno F-C. (1), Hannachi M. ( 1)

Organization(s): INRA UMR 1048 SAD-APT (1), Larequoi Université Versailles-St Quentin (2)

ISBN Number: