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PR - Agricultural And Rural Income Tax Education Over The Years: An Extension Program Of Land Grant Universities

Income tax regulations in the United States are complex, voluminous, and ever changing. Continuing education for professional tax preparers is necessary and is required for most categories of tax professionals. For decades the cooperative extension services of the Land Grant Universities have offered tax education for their constituents. This has developed into a collaborative effort led by the Land Grant University Tax Education Foundation (LGUTEF). The twenty-six member institutions of LGUTEF offered materials and training for approximately 30,000 tax professionals in 32 states 2012. North Carolina State University and the University of Kentucky are two states that offer a range of seminars to tax professionals in their respective states. This paper discusses the historical development of tax education, the logistics of its delivery, and the challenges of the future.

Keywords: taxation, education, LGUTEF, U.S.


Author(s): Isaacs S.G. (1), Roe K.C. ( 1), van der Hoeven G. ( 1)

Organization(s): Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics North Carolina State University (1), Department of Agricultural Economics University of Kentucky (2)

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