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PR - Development And Challenges Of Bulgarian Dairy Industry In The Last Two Decades (p181-188)

This paper provides an overview of the dairy sector in Bulgaria and discusses the challenges and opportunities faced by this sector in the last two decades. The dairy sector in Bulgaria has passed through several phases: transition period (1990-1999), EU pre-accession period (2000-2006) and post-accession period (since 2007). Each of these periods strongly impacted the development of this sector. Review of existing literature and data were used for the analysis of the dairy sector in Bulgaria. New market, economic and organisational environment negatively impacted this sector. However, EU membership has presented some opportunities for revitalising the dairy sector and for improving the competitiveness of the Bulgarian dairy products.

Keywords: Bulgarian dairy industry, Bulgaria, Bulgarian agriculture, dairy supply chain

New Zealand

Author(s): Bencheva N. (1), Garnevska E. ( 1)

Organization(s): Agricultural University Plovdiv (1), Massey University (2)

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