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PR - Investment Decision Support System For High Quality Control Posts In EU

In 2010 an EU subsidy program started to create high quality control posts in Europe. Control posts are companies offering facilities for animals to rest and eat during long distance transport. They also offer facilities for trucks, drivers and competent authorities. A decision support program has been developed to support owners of control posts with their investment plan. The aim of this computer program is to calculate what increase in truckloads or in price per truckload is needed to justify the investment plans. The program was tested at two control posts participating in the EU project in Poland1. Both owners appreciated the added value of the program and suggested some improvements.

Keywords: control post, investment, BEP, mathematical model

The Netherlands

Author(s): Baltussen W. (1), Gębska M. ( 1), Hennen W. ( 1)

Organization(s): LEI The Hague (1), Warsaw (2)

ISBN Number: