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PR - KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT IN DAIRY FARMS: Role of advisers in the formation of labor relations. The case of the Mar y Sierras milk area in Argentina

In Argentina, the dairy sector is of great importance, both at the level of production and in the social aspect of the workforce. Professional advisers play a transcendent role in the relationship between the owners of the company and the workers, as well as they can contribute to the formation of interpersonal bonds improving the process of knowledge transfer. This work was a phenomenological qualitative research. Eight professional advisers were interviewed who manage 32 dairy farms at the milk region of Mar and Sierras in Argentina. Social networks, their interpersonal ties and the degree of strength of these links determine the flow and quality of information and its influence on the efficiency of the productive process. This framework study identified four attributes common to advisers with their qualities that facilitate the formation of interpersonal links in the dairy farm. They were gaining trust, respecting culture, acting with authority and exemplary behavior. The company must take a positive attitude towards cultural change by generating training spaces for staff in general and for advisors in particular on sociological and human resources aspects.
Keywords: Dairy farms; Knowledge management; Adviser; Links


Author(s): Dick A. (1), Sánchez Abrego D. ( 1)

Organization(s): Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (1)

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