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PR - Strategic Marketing Plan To Promote The Nguni As An Indigenous Beef Breed In South Africa (p488-495)

South Africa is richly endowed with different indigenous cattle breeds which are adapted to the harsh conditions. The breeders’ society of the Nguni, one of the indigenous breeds, decided that they want to promote the breed through the development and implementation of a well-designed marketing plan. To promote a cattle breed it must consist of unique characteristics that can be use in the marketing process. Research has revealed that the Nguni’s unique breed characteristics (including amongst other fertility, feed requirements and temperament) and product characteristics (meat and hides) makes it a competitive and marketable breed in the South African cattle industry. A workshop was held by role players in the Nguni industry and through focus group discussions an implementable marketing plan was designed by using the goal setting methodology. The marketing plan, consisting of five focus areas (Innovative positioning, Breeding policy, Research needed, Promotion and awareness and Strong Institutions), is already implemented in certain areas and runs according to expectations. This successful marketing plan can thus be used as the methodology behind the promotion and marketing of other beef breeds, not only in South Africa but also in the rest of the world.

Keywords: Nguni, cattle breed promotion, marketing plan, goal setting theory

South Africa

Author(s): Maré F.A. (1), Willemse B.J. ( 1)

Organization(s): University of the Free State (1)

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